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The most stressful ordeal since they would not respond to texts or emails. Then to find out they changed my plan and debited my account. Now they state I can't go back to existing account since it's been changed. Avoid Flash Wireless.....It's a scam since you only get a percentage of the towers to use. And no break in pricing whatsoever. Go directly to provider and get a better pricing and coverage than dealing with Flash Wireless directly....
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I didn't like
  • Poor reception
First, they set up my service with the wrong phone number.Then every single week for my whole first month of service my phone would say it has no service. Every time I call in they can't figure it out, and I mention that the SIM card moves in my phone and they wouldn't believe me. Until after a month, another girl finally sent me a new card. I was also told they'll call me the next morning since it was after hours when I called. And then I never...
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I didn't like
  • Data never works
  • Poor customer service
Switched from ACN rep who used sprint and verizon logos to imply its the same just at a lower price.Its a wifi network that never works they flashed my phone now I cant switch back to sprint with my same number which Ive had for my business for 12yrs. Worst service ever!dont switch dont trust acn they are bad bad bad abd abd abd bad bad bad bad abd bad bad bad abd abd abd bad bad bad bad bad bad abd ab bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad abd bad...
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Anonymous What type of flash wireless you had!? Far as I know with my strive for 5 I only pay 29.50 for three lines and have great service . Sucks for you

I didn't like
  • Poor data and service