I was a Sprint customer when a close friend of mine told me I would get a better monthly rate by porting to Flash Wireless and still be using the the sprint network. That was true for 3 months until the promotional expired and my bill went up almost 100%. When I went to port my phones back to Sprint, I was told that Flash had re-programmed the software of the phone and they were no longer compatible to the Sprint network. Since I owed 5 phones, I was now forced to buy all new phones at almost $2,000 to make the switch.

You may be asking the same questions I asked... "How can the same phone that was with Sprint, then used on the Sprint network no longer be compatible?" Answer: I don't know, but that is the way it works. The bottom line is simple...If you port to Flash Wireless, even though you don't have a contract they control your device and can no longer be used with any other network.

If you are satisfied with Flash Wireless poor customer service and happy with their total control over your phone, then go for it.

All I know, if you change your mine, plan on buying a new phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flash Wireless Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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FLASH WIRELESS is AWESOME!!!! I wish people would stop with the *** lies!!

I’ve been on my Flash Wireless plan with Verizon as a carrier since May and have had zero problems!! Rate dropped by $35 and Will soon get it for free!!

You can’t beat this deal!!! I highly recommend Flash!


This guy must work for some local cell phone shop. Flash is legit.

No programming needed. Just swap the SIM card lol it’s not rocket science.

I use my phone in US and Mexico on different networks just swapping it the SIM card. Flash is simple and great price


That is so NOT TRUE, my flashwireless monthly rate is the same and has never changed. I have upgraded my phone and sold my phone to a guy who did not have flashwireless and used it back on the regular Sprint network and it worked fine.


I was an ACN rep for a year. I had nothing but problems with Flash from day one.

They insisted that you only pay with credit card not your checking account. Customer service wait time was slow. I had no problem switching back to T Mobile while my sister had a horrible time switching back to Verizon. She switched because her bill went up each month.

Within a month of my switching back my three year old phone that never gave me a problem just died. They couldn't even retrieve info from my SIM card, it was so badly corrupted.


Flash wireless will not let you login. And when you request an E-mail from them to provide you your login (if you forgot it) and give them your E-mail address (which they obviously have because you get an E-mail when they are about to charge your account with your monthly bill) you get absolutely no response - no E-mail from them at all.

After multiple requests for my login (which I know) I still did not get an E-mail response from Flash whatsoever.I got an E-Mail from them warning that my credit card was going to expire next month - again I tried to login to update my new credit card info but to no avail. This company should be avoided.

I will not do business with them again. I probably couldn't even if I wanted to because they won't respond to anything.


Probably the worst service I have ever had. I literally get almost no reception anywhere.

I couldn't even make an emergency call from my home because they have such terrible service. Definitely going to get a new phone and back in Sprints plan soon.

to Steven #1575032

That's what I did they hit you with data charges out of there ass..I don't have time to be spending on recording all day...I feel like I made bad choice signing up as ibo..this will keep me more on doing my own research before getting into bed with any company mlm


That is so NOT TRUE, my flashwireless monthly rate is the same and has never changed. I have upgraded my phone and sold my phone to a guy who did not have flashwireless and used it back on the regular Sprint network and it worked fine.


I’ve been a customer with flash wireless for 3 years now and haven’t paid a phone bill since 2016!! My brother told me to refer 5 people to try out the service and I wouldn’t be paying more than $10 a month for unlimited EVERYTHING. For the past 2 years I’ve been paying $8.97 a month!!


I believe you do not have get a new phone, just a new SIM card if you want to change services.


i use flash for months and did never change in my pricewhat i do know when i was by sprint i start with a bill from 25.63 and after a a few mounts i paid 49.65


This person has no idea what they're talking about. I'm taking many phones back and forth from flash to Verizon to Sprint with no problems. Flash is awesome as a customer I help five of my friends get on flash Sprint or Verizon and my phone bill is now free every month except for $5.26 taxes


So many people online write ridiculous reviews as ways to overt business. The information stated from Elk Grove, Ill sounds highly suspect to me.

I have been with Flash wireless for 6 months and very impressed with their service. Verizon is my carrier and Flash bends over backwards to create a positive customer service experience. They are competing in a very competitive market and doing a great job.

Thanks Flash and Thanks ACN. Keep up the solid work and people, don't listen to haters.


That information is false. When you activate with Flash Wireless all you are doing is putting in a new sim card.

Nothing is done to the phone. There is no contract so you are free to activate with another provider at any time.

I've been with flash wireless for 2 years now and my rates have been the same every bill.

I've had nothing but great service with flash. I love it.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1347689

Wow, never heard this before. I have been with flash wireless for 5 years now and my bill has never gone up at all.

always have great service from them anytime I have had a problem with my phone.

so have no idea what was up with your situation. just thought I would add my experience to your comment.


That should be illegal. One you pay for your phone it is your by law and should not be controlled by any carrier.

to Mel #1458358

Hi Mel, Per some of the other reviews, they don't have control over your phone any more than any other company. You also do not have to buy a new phone, just get a new SIM card from the company you want to switch to.

to Customer T #1476861

Absolutely true that the original negative review is false. I’ve been a customer for over 2 yrs along with my husband and son. We have unlimited talk, text, & data for $5.55/month/phone.

Irvine, California, United States #1332772

The only thing that changes with the phone is a switch of the SIM card. There is no reprogamming of the phone, therefore no need to purchase new phones.

As far as customer service, any responsible IBO (his friend) could solve the customer service issue. He should be mad at his friend, not Flash Wireless.

Buena Park, California, United States #1314990

So what you are saying is almost true but if you had an out of date phone is the only time that there is some reprogramming done. I been with flash for quite awhile since 2015 under the sprint network and NEVER has the prices increased matter in fact we did have plan changes but the account you have will still remain the same as you bought it with the plan ( I know this from personal experience I had an I phone 4 with a plan when I started, and I changed to my I phone 6 they couldn't keep the same plan since it wasn't available anymore). Also I have seen people spending over $900 and Flash Verizon Network was able to cut there bill by 700$.

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